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Marijuana Production Facility Real Estate -- We have entered into a contract to acquire 37 acres of land located in Blythe, California. The property has recently been re-zoned for the cultivation of Cannabis. Construction plans and building specifications are currently being drafted. The Company anticipates that the construction project will include 15 to 20 greenhouse-type buildings of approximately 25,000 sq. feet each. Upon completion, the buildings will be leased to Cannabis growers for the growing, processing, and packaging of their products, along with other related operations -- See Reporting Filing News

About Healthmed Services, Ltd.

Healthmed Services, Ltd. is offering an opportunity to invest in the marijuana industry through our business of acquiring, leasing and licensing proprietary growing and incubator systems facilities for the cultivation, production (processing) and distribution of cannabis and cannabis-related products in Southern California.

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HealthMed Services, Ltd., is in the business of acquiring, leasing, and licensing growers for the cultivation and production (processing and distribution of cannabis and cannabis-related products within an incubator environment).

Additionally, the Company will develop and expand its renewable fresh water and real estate assets.

As a result of California Adult Use of Marijuana Act, implemented January 2018, the Company will enter the cannabis market through the development of incubator projects. Project sites will have State Highway access, and local transportation that is convenient and accessible, and the City government will have designated the project site - legal planting zoning.

The Company business strategy includes partnering with property owners to become one of the suppliers of land and buildings or incubator space where individual greenhouse owners will produce products for medical purposes and scientific government programs.

The Company will also become a provider of proprietary Controlled Environment Agricultural Solutions (CEAS), based on the ecological and economic advantages of hydroponic greenhouse cultivation.

The Company will also focus on the emerging Cannabis/Hemp industry, with a focus on CBD oil, creams, and numerous other cannabis and hemp-related products.

The Company will also focus on a range of certified organic, fertilizers, nutrients, and mold treatment products available for sale via its website, retail, and wholesale channels.

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